What Is The Best Pregnancy Pillow For Back Pain?

Back pain is always common in pregnant mothers. Many expectant always rush to change their mattresses since they think that it’s the cause of the back pain. Before you shell out your money, it’s better to consider buying a pillow. Since expectant mothers normally sleep on their sides, the risk of affecting their spine is very high. This because sleeping on your side exerts pressure on the spine.

pregnancy pillow helps in minimizing back pain since it cushions the body. It spreads the pressure and ensures that it doesn’t drift. Pregnancy pillows come in different shapes and sizes. Here are the best pregnancy pillows for expectant mothers.

 Best Pregnancy Pillows For Relief BackPain 

 1. Full-length Pregnancy pillow

The full-length pregnancy pillow gives you the much-needed relaxation and comfort. The pillow allows you to sleep without disturbance. It also regulates body temperature and boosts blood circulation. It supports the whole body, therefore, relieving pressure from the spine.


These pillows are usually made of odorless, hypo-allergic and fully organic pillow cases. This pillow comes in two types; straight type and flexible type. Since the pillow is very big, it is advisable to use it on king-sized beds. Pregnant and nursing mothers should use this pillow since it provides support to the entire body and also relieves back pain.


Ideal length: The pillow is tall enough to accommodate persons who are 6 feet tall.

Provides full body support: The pillow is specifically designed for side sleeping. It aligns the whole body to prevent from exerting pressure on your spine. Using this pillow will protect you from back pain, especially pregnant mothers.

Easy to Clean: The good thing about this pillow is that its machine washable. All you have to do is to throw it to your washing machine and you are good to go. It is doesn’t clump after washing it repeatedly.

• The pillow is not ideal for people who love sleeping on their back.
• Since it’s massive, this pillow takes more room in the bed.
• The cover of the pillow can be rough and scratchy.

2.Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

As the name suggests, this pregnancy pillow is shaped like a wedge. It slides under the tummy or back to provide the required support. One advantage of these pillows is that they are cheap. They are useful even after pregnancy since you can use them when watching television.

There are two types of wedge pillows; rounded wedge pillows and triangular wedge pillows. Their small size allows you to sleep with your partner on the same bed. Their small size also allows you to travel with them.

Great Body Support: The pillow supports vital parts of your body. It supports the back and tummy.

Inexpensive: They are the cheapest pregnancy pillows around.

Ideal size: They are small and won’t take much room on your bed. Allows you to sleep with your partner on the same bed.

You can carry it around when traveling.

They only support your back and tummy.
You will still need a head pillow when using this pillow.

3. Inflatable Pregnancy Pillows

These pillows are not very common as the other pillows. They may be of great help for pregnant mothers who want to meet specific needs. They allow an expecting mom to rest on their belly without putting pressure on the growing child. Lying on your stomach evenly distributes pressure on the whole body. This frees the spinal code, hence preventing back pain.

Portable: Since they are inflatable, these pillows highly portable and very easy to store.

Adjustable: You can decide how big you want them to be.
Great Design: They are the only pillows that allow moms to rest on their stomachs.

You need another pillow to go along with inflatable pillows
They are just resting pillows and not sleeping pillows.

Benefits of Using Body Pillows for Back Pain

Back pain is a major problem for expecting mothers. During pregnancy, one is not supposed to lie on the back or stomach. The added weight makes it hard for expectant moms to sleep on their sides. Pregnancy pillows are designed to facilitate side-sleeping. Their fragrance also allows expectant moms to relax.
Body pillows relieve you from back pain. Here are the benefits of using full body pregnancy pillows for back pain.

All round support: Expecting mothers are supposed to sleep on their sides. These pillows enable you to sleep on your side, relieving pressure from your spine. This protects you from back pain.

Helps in your pregnancy:
 As I mentioned early, back pain is very common in expectant mothers. Pregnant moms can’t perform various exercises or take medications that relieve back pain. The best solution is to use a pregnancy pillow. They are designed to support both your tummy and back.

Relaxes your muscles: Pregnancy pillows aligns your body and distributes your weight evenly. This boosts your blood circulation and enables you to breathe easily. This enables your muscles to relax.

It is a natural way of preventing and treating back pain: Pregnant mothers are more vulnerable and should not ingest various painkillers. They should not do stretches since due to the risk of miscarriage. This is where pregnancy pillows come in. They are very secure and do not have side effects.

Protects the unborn child: Pregnancy pillows not only support the back but the tummy also. They facilitate side sleeping, preventing the mother from squeezing the unborn child. They also improve sleep quality which is very essential during pregnancy.
As you have seen, there are many benefits of using pregnancy pillows for back pain. These pillows are advantageous for you and your unborn child. They ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby in the long run.

There are many 
pregnancy pillows in the market today. It is up to you to find the right pillow that suits your needs. The pillow should not only support you but also your growing little one. You should choose a pillow that matches your specifications. Ensure that it benefits both you and your growing child. Also, consider the materials used and the filling before you settle for one.


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