Are Breastfeeding Pillows Worth Buying?

Breastfeeding pillows are meant to make it easier for a mom to carry her baby while breastfeeding and they’re said to offer a whole host of other benefits.

Of course, there are questions like whether a breastfeeding pillow is necessary, how did our mothers manage without breastfeeding pillows, why can’t I just use a normal sleeping pillow and these questions are all valid.

Having a baby also comes with lots of expenses and naturally, a lot of mothers want to pinch pennies where they can. A nursing pillow is an added expense and you want to make sure that everything you buy is necessary

Breastfeeding without a pillow

For first time mothers, one of the issues you may have to deal with is post-partum depression. Post-partum depression is overwhelming and you feel like a monster for being depressed or not wanting to hold your child.

In addition to that, when you’re breastfeeding, your breasts are swollen and feel like they’ll burst any minute. Sometimes the milk won’t come out despite your breasts being so full. The baby won’t stop crying and as if that isn’t enough, you’re struggling to keep the baby’s head in one position so that they can feed well because you’re tired and your hands keep sagging from the baby’s weight and so baby keeps unlatching.

To remedy this, you might try using a pillow. Normal pillows tend to sink in when you place the baby on them and stacking two together doesn’t much of a difference. In fact, this might make the baby roll which is painful because they’ll keep unlatching.

The benefit of using a breastfeeding pillow

nursing pillow helps your posture
Nursing pillow helps your posture

1. It props your baby up

A baby not latching well when they breastfeed can get very frustrating when they unlatch for the umpteenth time and it can also be painful. A good breastfeeding pillow brings the baby close enough and keeps them in place to suckle comfortably without detaching.

2. It’s comfortable

If you get a good pillow, they won’t keep sinking into the pillow when they’re breastfeeding. And if your baby is comfortable, once they finishing feeding they’ll probably doze off and you can put them to bed in their crib.

3. It helps your posture

Breastfeeding takes a toll on a mum’s body. Mothers tend to hunch over when they feed the baby and this can cause muscle strain in the neck, shoulder, back and arms. Muscle tension can lead to poor circulation, soreness, fatigue and a cranky mom.

Since the baby is propped up by the nursing pillow, you can easily nurse your child without bending over.

4. Dad can use it too

If the baby is feeding on a bottle, then the pillow makes it easy for the dad to carry the baby and prop the baby’s head during feeding.

5. You can get a hypoallergenic pillow

Babies are susceptible to runny noses, sore throats and sneezing caused by allergens. Getting a hypoallergenic pillow will put your mind at ease because you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Safety concerns?

Once the baby is asleep, they should be taken to their crib to sleep or one of the parents can hold them as they sleep. A nursing pillow, just like any pillow or soft bedding, is a danger to a baby when they sleep and if the parents are not keen, the baby can slip into a dip and suffocate.

The most popular types of breastfeeding pillows

The most popular types of breastfeeding pillows
The most popular types of breastfeeding pillows

Prices range from $29.99 to even $129.99. If you look at Amazon’s web page, you’ll see that Boopy Nursing Pillow and Positioner is at the top of the list. They have a wide price range and they come in all kinds of colors. You can order a stretch middle that fits different waist types. These pillows have removable covers that can be washed and the pillow itself is also machine washable.

My Best Friend Nursing Pillow is almost equally as popular. It has a flat surface which keeps the baby in place. What makes it distinguishable from a lot of other brands is its snap that is used to secure the pillow around the mom and gives her that added back support that she needs during this period. My Best Friend is also 100% cotton and has a wider surface area.

Nursing pillows come in a variety of shapes and some mothers swear that V-shaped nursing pillows are the best. The mother’s body is snugly tucked into the pillow and so there’s no space for the baby to slip in between the pillow and the mother’s body.

You can also rotate the pillow to different angles, depending on whether you want to hold the baby in front of your chest or cradle them to your side

For those that have had twins, don’t fret. There are nursing pillows made with you and your babies in mind and you definitely need back support when you have two breastfeeding babies. With a twin nursing pillow, you can feed both babies at the same time and you can get a pillow with a buckle so that you don’t have to keep readjusting the pillow.

To buy or not to buy nursing pillows?

Should you need buy a nursing pillow?
Should you need buy a nursing pillow?

To be honest, when you have a baby, anything that offers support and comfort to both you and the baby is welcome and breastfeeding pillows should be considered a necessity for both the baby and the mother.

When searching for a good pillow, ensure that whatever you buy is comfortable but sturdy so that the baby won’t roll around. It should also fit snugly to your body so that they baby doesn’t dip into gaps between your body and the pillow.

Consider yourself also when buying the pillow. One with back support will greatly relieve tension in your back and shoulders and you won’t get tired quickly when feeding.

The pillows come at different prices but don’t compromise on quality to save money. After all, it’s something that you’ll buy once and will be able to use it with several babies.

What’s your opinion about nursing pillow for newborn?


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