Is Maternity Belt Safe (Hurt) for Baby

Many women worldwide are beginning to embrace maternity belts. They are specifically made for the sole purpose of providing support for the belly during pregnancy. These belts come in handy especially when a pregnant woman is in her second or third trimester. This is when the belly becomes bigger and heavier for the woman to handle on her own without support.


What Is a Maternity Belt?

As the name suggests, this kind of belt is for pregnant women. It is worn around the waist like an ordinary belt for purposes of supporting the overgrown belly. However, this can only be done successfully when the manufacturer’s instructions are followed to the letter.

How Can a Maternity Belt Help?

Pain relief from back, muscles, and joints

Pregnancy is definitely not a walk in the park. There will be challenges ranging from bodily changes that might take time to get accustomed to. One of the major ones is the pain that surrounds the back, joints and muscles.

One of the reasons most pregnant women turn to maternity belts is to get relief from these kinds of pain. Their function is to provide stability to the sacroiliac joints which become loose during pregnancy. 

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Great Deal Of Comfort During Intense Activities

Being pregnant should never stand in the way of productivity. On the contrary, this is the time to get moving but very carefully. The reason for wearing a maternity belt is to give you comfort as you strive to get things done around the house. 

You are assured of gentle compression on your uterus when you wear a maternity belt. 

Proper Posture

General posture is dependent on the lower back. When it’s in place, you are definitely assured of an upright posture. During pregnancy, the lower back tends to assume a posture that is out of the ordinary.

Maternity belts are used in ensuring that your posture is not bent out of shape. Your posture is mostly affected when you assume a sitting position. In some cases, it also happens when walking.

 Post-Pregnancy Support 

The best part about this belt is that it can also be used after delivery. Your back becomes very fragile once you give birth to your little one. This is not the end of the road.

Maternity belts have given most moms a reason to face motherhood with confidence. They provide support to the ligaments and muscles as you head towards recovery.

Extra Support For Multiple Pregnancies

Carrying twins, triplets, etc can be quite tiresome for one person to handle. Thanks to this wonderful invention, it will nolonger have to feel like you are carrying weights around wherever you go.

Maternity belts have special features that cater to the needs of women in such cases. For example, they offer a feeling of comfort which reduces the weight that comes along with carrying a multiplied pregnancy.

Gaining Proper Balance

One of the challenges that come along with pregnancy is the occasional loss of balance. The heavier the pregnancy is the more serious this issue becomes. A maternity belt is suited in such a way that it holds the baby in place so you won’t have to carry the weight on your own.

This way, you are assured of physical balance even as you go about your duties. Pregnancy rfevolves around weight gaineven when you weren’t planning for it to happen. It is simply inevitable. Have a maternity belt close by to see you through the rough patches. Excessive weight can be unbearable at times.

Strengthening of Muscles

After being in labor for several hours, an intense feeling of weakness is sure to come creeping in. A maternity belt aids in the strengthening of muscles especially the pelvic ones.

However, check with your physician first before taking this step. It might be wiser this way since circulation of blood is vital and you wouldn’t want to hinder the process. You will be effectively advised on how soon to get started and how often to use it.

 Can a maternity Support Belt Hurt My Baby?

This is a question that lingers on most pregnant women’s minds. This is especially so if they are contemplating this option for the first time. A maternity support belt is meant to generally help you out especially in terms of the weight.

First time mothers who are in doubt are welcome to carry out intense research before trying it out. They can do this by reading widely as well as consulting their physicians. It is better for them to go in with an open mind rather than habor doubts that will inflict feelings of anxiety and uncertainty.

On the flipside, a maternity support belt is only harmful to the baby when worn too tight. This move will even go as far as hindering the baby’s safe development in the womb. As much as possible, be careful when fastening this belt around your belly.

Also, overdependence on the maternity belt can wreck havoc rather than reap benefits. For this reason, you are required to only wear it two to three hours at a time. This is a safer way of ensuring that your pregnancy goes on as smoothly as it should.

Maternity belts can be harmful to both the mother and unborn child when the blood pressure is abnormal. Your blood circulation has to be stable first before wearing a maternity belt.

Maternity belts can be said to be revolutionary inventions at this point in time. Expectant mothers couldn’t be more exuberant about the benefits that come along with maternity belts.

It gets even better when you know all that there is to know about them before trying them out. They have different manufacturers who have come up with varying requirements. All the more reason for you to first check with your doctor before making any rush moves.

These belts only serve their purpose when used correctly. As mentioned earlier, overdependence on them will cause more harm than good to your health. Generally, they have come a long way in giving pregnant women support during their pregnancy. 

Information from credible sources will go a long way in helping you determine whether you are ready for them.


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